Vjeran Pavlaković na Portalu Central Eastern and Balkan Europe : War and Remembrance in the Former Yugoslavia Since 1945

Vjeran Pavlaković, professor of history at the University of Rijeka, Croatia, gave the first MIREES Open Lecture entitled “War and Remembrance in the Former Yugoslavia Since 1945”. Pavlaković’s research draws upon the concept of collective remembrance, which is according to Jan Assmann, reflected in physical objects such as monuments and public spaces.  Pavlaković discussed three inter-related issues: first, how the WWII was remembered in its immediate aftermath in the socialist Yugoslavia; second, which are the ways of remembering the wars of the Yugoslav succession; and third, how is the WWII remembered in the post-Yugoslav period.  The lecturer concentrated on the questions of reconciliation and if commemoration could have a negative or positive role. How representations of the past vary depending on political or cultural circumstances.