Cultural Memory Research Group - Rijeka

Cultural Memory Research Group is an ongoing project coordinated by members of Cultural Studies department,  University of Rijeka. The Group includes professors and graduate students from this department as well as scholars from other fields such as Philosophy, History, Psychology and Linguistics. We are interested in exploring various aspects of cultural memory.

The construction of cultural memory and cultural identities are central themes of memory studies which analyze the different processes of remembrance and forgetting that occur at the individual, group and societal level. Research in this field has rapidly developed through an interdisciplinary approach over the last twenty years, building upon such diverse bodies of scholarship such as history, cultural studies, literature, linguistics, psychology, cognitive sciences, ethnology, and political science.

We seek to apply innovative methodologies in answering the research questions from a multiperspective and interdisciplinary approach.

Some of the current research themes include:

- World war I in Rijeka and Croatia Memory resources (bibliography, photos, articles)

- Memory and identity

- Gendered memory

- Memoryscapes

- Linguistic constructions of emotions

- Urban palimpsests


For any questions regarding ongoing projects and/or colaboration, contribution please contact CMRG - Coordinator: Vjeran Pavlaković Ova e-mail adresa je zaštićena od spambota. Potrebno je omogućiti JavaScript da je vidite.